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35mm Headpin - Silver

$4.50 AUD


These gorgeous high quality pins are very strong. 

We take great pride in selling our pins to our customers, here at Bead Shack.

If you want to be able to use every pin in a packet that you have paid your good money for, these pins are for you!

The following explanation explains why our top quality pins can be more pricey than others.  Also, please consider that these pins are coming from a physical shop, which has expenses, unlike a person working from home with the internet - they have no rent, utilities, wages etc to pay!

Explanation:  Our pins are checked & the stock is culled down to exclude any bent or crazy ones.  Sometimes we lose up to 70% of the pack, according to how it arrives to us.  Occasionally a strange one may pass through but as a general rule, each pin in your pack should be totally useable.  This applies to all our gold, silver, nickel & black nickel stock.  These colours are mostly supplied from the warehouse clearance we did from a retired bead importer years ago. Most of them are made in Korea who are known for their higher quality findings.  Mind you, these pins are years old, and are still perfect - that shows what great quality coating they have!!

The stock for the more modern colours of ancient brass & ancient gold is very hard to source for great quality, so we use the best we can obtain, but they will always be a lot more wiggly than other colours.  We don't know why this happens, and I've even tried buying top of the top of the top range, and they came bent like the hairpins that our granny used to use in her hair curlers!  I'm not sure of the reason - I've never been able to find out why this is the case!!

Composition:  The pins are brass based which means they don't snap like cheap iron or steel pins, and the high quality coating is annealed to the surface - our pins do not peel or flake as you are using them.

Guarantee:  We refuse to sell any item that we wouldn’t buy for ourselves! Should any finding chip, flake or peel during use, we will replace that item free of charge. Please keep your labels as proof of purchase.  For further information on our returns policy, please click here.

Photos:  We have included a photo of an actual packet pulled at random from our stock wall for each size listed.  I'm sure you will agree that these pins are much straighter than a pack you may have purchased that was huge for only a few dollars!

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