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Screw/Barrel Clasps (10) - Silver

$4.00 AUD


These screw or barrel clasps measure 13mm long (including loops) x 3mm wide. The loops on the end can be opened up to attach to your jewellery pieces. The loops 'swivel' as the clasp is done up, so your item won't twist.

But how is this for clever?!  If you need to finish off a necklace that is on a thin cord, it can often be difficult to find a way to stop it from slipping - and what clasp can you use for this anyway?! - so snip out the little loops, because they are actually just headpins put from inside the clasp.  Then you have a free hole to thread your cord into, then knot it securely, trim and let it fall back inside the clasp.  Make sure to pass your thread from the end of the clasp half that doesn't have the screw thread!  Repeat for the other end of the necklace.  You may end up with a slight gap in your beading, but better than a gap than not being able to find a secure ending for your cord!

Quantity per pack:  10 clasps

Colour:  Silver