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Scarab Vintage Egyptian Carved Stone #11

$20.00 AUD


Measurements - 

  • Length:  45mm
  • Width:  40mm
  • Height:  13mm

This scarab can be used as a paper weight, an ornament or decoration, or you may like to include it into a mosaic, or wire wrap it.  Probably too large to be a piece of jewellery, you will fall in love with these little guys anyway!  There are no holes for threading.

Each of our carved Scarab stones are a one of a kind, individually hand crafted piece.

Egyptians viewed the scarab as a symbol of renewal and rebirth & so has been carved or molded into beads, ornaments, amulets & accessories over the centuries.  The scarab is revered for representing the life and death cycle, and was even seen as a form of protection.