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Sandcast Tubes (5g) - Lapis Blue - Rare Vintage Glass Egyptian / African Beads

$8.95 AUD


Quantity per pack:  5 grams (about 50-60 beads)

Size:  The beads all vary in size as they are hand made, but generally around 5~7mm in length, and about 3~4mm thick

Hole:  Around 1.5~2mm - our photo shoes 0.7mm elastic threaded through - you will see there is still plenty of room inside the bead.

Circa:  1950s

These are just the cutest beads, and with such a history!  Usually called 'sandcast' they have also been known as 'powdered glass' beads.  These were made in Egypt around 1950s.  We have recovered these from vintage broken necklace pieces, painstakingly pulled apart to save a part of history with these authentic beads.

A loose description of how they are made - crushed/powdered glass is put into clay molds, then heated to form the beads.  The hole is usually made by a stem of plant matter, which burns away in the heat.  Beads like this are now famous from Ghana, Africa.  As Egypt is part of that area, we believe that they could have been made from anywhere in the region, however we purchased them from an Egyptian seller who tells us that they were made in Egypt.  Who knows with old pieces like these?!  Maybe the jewellery was made in Egypt using beads from Ghana.  Such mystery always surrounds old beads.

Beads such as these were also used as currency Trade Beads across Africa.

String them on elastic thread to make a simple colourful bracelet, use them in earring and necklace or bracelet designs, use them as part of homeware or hand sewn projects.  These beads have such a unique character and will enhance anything you make using them!  Or you might like to gather a few colours and pop them into a bowl as a point of conversation interest in your home.  Or, of course, make your own version of Egyptian Revival Jewellery!