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Rose with Daisies - Vintage Limoges Porcelain Disc Cabochons

$15.00 AUD


Quantity per pack:  1 Disc

Very very old exquisite porcelain discs! Limoges in France is well reknown for their porcelain and authentic pieces are worth lots of $$$. It is unknown whether these are 100% authentic, as anything this old would need to be examined by a professional. So, not knowing enough about these beautiful pieces, you might just be getting a fabulous antique bargain!! It is unknown when they were manufactured, but it would be around 1950. One of our pictures shows the original packaging, where 10 discs were rolled in tissue paper. The paper is so old it has all flaked apart, however that one roll is intact!

The flowers are placed onto the porcelain via a decal, and glazed over the top. The back of the disc has Limoges then a line under that, then France under that.

I have tried looking up the history of these discs, and have only seen one similar on the internet after hours of searching.

The backs of the discs are saucer shaped, meaning they dip in the centre, so, not being flat you may need to build the back up according to your project. There is an area about 7mm wide around the outside rim that is flat enough to glue down.

The discs are handmade, and you can see this from their not-quite-perfect circle shapes.

They measure approximately 42mm across.

Please Note:  The finished is a demonstration of just one idea of what you can make with these amazing pieces.  Thank you to my friend in Sydney for allowing me to display your piece on our website!