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Ring Fitting w. 8 loops (10) - Gold

$16.95 AUD


This ring fitting is size adjustable and has 8 loops on the top, 4 on either side.

These ring fittings are fabulous for designing and making an interesting piece where you can 'bunch' beads on the top of the ring by adding bead links onto the loops of the fitting.  We have attached a photo of one of Bead Shack's designs for Bling Ring and another for our Flower Posy Ring to give some ideas of what you can design.

Use any mixture of beads, charms, attachments that you like to design a cluster on top of the ring.  Next your friends will be asking for one after they admire yours!

Alternatively, you can wire-wrap your bead cluster on to the fitting with craft beading wire.

Quantity:  10