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Resin Pendant Charms (1) - Book - Time Magic

$4.00 AUD

Aren't these just the cutest things?!  They make the coolest earrings - just so easy - open the loop on the ear wire and simply slip the loop of the pendant on and close the ear wire back up again.

What a great little gift for your teacher, school friends or as a funky thing for your market stalls, gifts to your mates etc etc.  Make a dangling decoration with an artist theme, add one to a teacher's key lanyard - gosh so many crazy ideas come to mind with these little guys!

If you're into magic spells or a little bit gothic you might like these quirky books!  They are certainly unusual and rare.

You may need to attach a large jumpring to make it face the the front if you are slipping a pendant onto a choker or leather lace, chain etc.  We recommend our X-Strong 10x1mm Jumprings. We stock Silver & Gold in this size.  Or see our whole range of jumprings by clicking here.

Measurements: about 27mm high (including the loop) x 18mm wide x 6mm thick

Quantity:  1