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Re-Usable Carry Bags

$3.00 AUD $5.00 AUD

Carry bags to take to craft shows, shops, or to craft meetings full of all your goodies!

Bags measure 37cm wide, with a 9cm gusset and about 32cm long. Handles about 60cm long. Each bag has a zipper closure across the top and a very large pocket inside, nearly as large as the side of the bag.

These bags were made creating jobs for villagers in Indonesia. They are all machine sewn by hand, so measurements might (probably will!) vary.

Fabric is that parachute material - so easy to wash, and very foldable. Carry them all the time in your handbag or car for when you need to fill up with purchases.

Use these again and again and again, for years and years! Save the world by not constantly using plastic shopping bags!

Colours:  10 available - choose from the drop down menu