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Raw Clay Tube (100) - Small - Hand Made Vintage Beads

$8.00 AUD

Tiny clay beads that can make a whole piece, or just be in between beads.  Earthy, unusual and vintage from around 1970s~1980s, and hand made in Ecuador, South America.

These beads will add appeal to your jewellery making.  You could pop them on an earring, use them with dangling styles, between pearls and/or seed beads.  Or of course, browse our other beads in the Vintage South American range and use them together with a larger focal bead.

The colours range a lot in natural baked clay colours.  What will you do with your gorgeous little vintage tubes?

Measurements:  3~5mm long by 4mm thick with a 1mm threading hole

Quantity per pack:  8 grams (approximately 100 pieces)