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Rattan Natural Hand Made Moons - 35-38cm

$15.95 AUD


You are buying 1 MOON shape, handmade in a time honoured fashion in Indonesia by villagers (we love giving small villagers meaningful employment).  Even better, these items are totally recyclable as well as ethical to the environment.

Paint it, leave it natural, smother it in ribbons, flowers, ropes, make a wall hanging, a birthday gift for a friend, a new decoration for your bedroom, make unusual creations for something different on your market stall.  So many uses for these rattan (or some call bamboo) moons.

Rattan, the material, is classed as being different to bamboo.  Bamboo is hollow, rattan usually isn't hollow.  The Indonesian class the material for these moons as RATTAN but we add bamboo into the title because a lot of people call it such.  I think either name will be acceptable.

Dimensions:  Across the widest part, 35-38cm outside diameter, and the rattan is around 2cm thick, so inside diameter is about 31-34cm.   Dimensions are approximate - as all pieces are handmade, they will definitely vary in size.