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Rare Hand Made & Painted Clay Birds from Peru (2) #32

$15.00 AUD


What will you make with your lovingly hand made birds?    Looking up information on these birds (and the beads) has been an extremely interesting experience. 


  • Tip of Nose to Tail:  21mm
  • Height:  8mm
  • Width:  10mm

Contents per Package:  2 x Bird Charm Beads w. small metal loops for hanging

These beads were made around 1960-1970s by hand, using clay and then hand painted.  Made in Peru, in a place called Cusco. 

I doubt you will find any beads (or charms, or pendants) in many places of the world.  We have scoured the internet looking for authentic vintage pieces like the ones we have to offer, but had no success.

There are slight age markings on most of our Peruvian birds, as they are at least 46 years old that we know of (written in 2021).  They were brought to Australia by a South American friend and have been lovingly stored all this time.  However even though they won't be pristine (of course they wouldn't be when they are this old) they are absolutely brand new, never been used or worn before.

Spoil yourself!  You will be the only one around wearing these gorgeous & very very unusual rare beads!  

Cusco is a city in the south eastern part of Peru, near the Urumamba Valley in the Andes mountain range, with elevation around 3,400 m (11,200 ft).  Interesting fact - Cusco was the capital of the Inca Empire from 13th to 16th Centuries.   Wikipedia has heaps more information on this interesting city.  Cusco is also one of the oldest continually populated cities in Earth's entire Western Hemisphere.