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Pretty Fairies Kit (makes 50)

$55.00 AUD


This bulk pack makes 50 glamorous little fairies with petticoats to hang on your handbag, mobile phone, or give to friends.

A great craft project for school kids, girl guide groups etc.

Are you looking to sell little items on a market or fete stall?  These are a perfect thing - they cost around $1 each and can be sold between $3 and $5 each!  A great money maker for your group or school!

This price gives you about 50% savings on the retail price of our kit that makes 6. All materials and beads are supplied in the kit in a variety of colours, usually 10 of each, in 5 colours.

Tools Required:  Chain nose pliers, round nose pliers and cutters.

Level of Difficulty:  Easy

Colour Note:  Please note that the colours in the kits do change from time to time, according to what stock we have on hand.  At this time, the kids on offer have clear little round heads, and the flower beads are in inks, reds, purples, blues and silver.