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Peg Bails (58) - Mixed Try it Pack - Stainless Steel


Here is a pack of different sizes, colours & styles of peg bails for use with your clay or resin making.

So many people want these - I have combined a mixture, so you can have a try & find your favourite size, or just have a mixture on hand ready to go when you are!  These peg bails are an absolute MUST HAVE for your craft box if you resin or clay, or have half drilled beads.

Material:  Stainless Steel

Quantity per pack:  approximately 58

  • Platinum:  19x9mm = 2pc; 17x9mm = 2pc; 10x8mm = 2pc; 8x4mm = 20pc
  • Gold:  17x8.5mm = 2pc; 10x4mm = 20pc; 8x7mm = 2pc; 8x4mm = 5pc
  • Rose Gold:  10x8mm = 2pc