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Paris Doll Naked Body Frame (1) - Small

$10.00 AUD


Here are the metal body parts to make your own 'Paris' Doll. If there is another name for these, I don't know it. But I do know I was fascinated by them, and the fact that they have 'boobies' makes their clothes have a better drape!

They are perfect for the imagination of your budding designer grandchildren - I know a couple of my grand daughters will be dressing these up!

I've taken a 'rough' photo of the two sizes together, and a posed photo of the made up black metal ones I purchased as a finished product (these sell for $40 or more). I would never make a window dresser would I? LOL

One hand has a hole through for hanging a handbag. There are little boots on the end of the legs, and a headpin from the top to thread a lovely bead selection on top for the neck/head/hat.

Each size cost me the same price which is weird!

Quantity per pack:  1 metal doll finding

Measurements:  44mm x 12mm