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Nymo Thread (F) - White

$4.25 AUD


You will find this thread will give you a far better result than the widely used, thinner, size D thread, if you are weaving using larger seed beads (eg 8/0 and 6/0) - it will give you much tighter tension and give a more robust feel to your piece. 

When considering using this thread, think about your pattern, and if weaving with many passes through beads smaller than an 8/0 you may need to use the size D.  Test the thread out before trying, if you think there will be too many passes through and the hole might become bloacked.  Grab the smallest bead from your chosen design and thread your needle, then go backwards and forwards filling the bead up with thread, to see how many passes will go through.

If you want to make an item such as Bead Shack's Wooden Elegance Bracelet which uses the netting stitch, or a rope like our Ocean Magic Necklace, you will be grateful for the extra tension this thicker beading string allows!

Industrial nylon Nymo thread is an excellent choice for stringing small beads. It consists of non-twisted fibre filament. It's easy to thread and a basic for all sorts of stringing needs. Great for stringing craft projects and creating wearable beaded projects.

Tip:  Nymo bobbins have their size on one side of the paper bobbin, like an imprint pushed into the paper.  If you colour the imprint with a pen when you first receive your Nymo, you will always be able to see immediately which size it is!

Material:  Nylon

Thickness:  .35mm

Quantity:  approximately 39.3 metres (43 yards)

Country of Origin:  Made in USA