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NYLON Rope (30m) - Lime

$6.50 AUD


These nylon ropes come in hanks, and have around 30m length per packet, so it's a good quantity to make a lovely pot hanger (according to size and your pattern, of course). You may even have enough for a couple.

Our supplier tells us there is 30m per pack, but this is not something we have control.  There may be a slightly different quantity but we can't know this (we aren't able to undo every pack to measure it - imagine the work in that!!).  Should a problem arise, please contact us to let us know.

Measurements:  The rope is like a braided nylon, not quite flat, not quite round.  About 3-4mm in diameter

There are 2 pictures showing purple cord, with a standard USB cord next to the cord, to attempt to show you the thickness.  Having a slight stretch to the rope, it will pull thinner when there is weight or pressure put on the cord.

Being nylon, this rope is quite resistant to outdoors weather!  So use it on all outdoor plant hangers, furniture restorations, decorations, camping needs and such.

There has been a slight increase of 50c in cost, due to the enormous & frightening cost of cargo expenses!