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'Mosaic' Mix - 30 grams - about 250 beads

$6.00 AUD


This is an inspiring mixture of colours usually seen in old fashioned stain glass windows!  The mix was put together with a 'Life Without Barriers' disability group that comes to our store.  One of the carers was wearing a necklace made from these colours, and we were so inspired, we put together our own mix of acrylic beads with direction of those in the group - they loved having input!

We ended up with a Stained Glass mix and a Mosaic mix.  That was a very productive day, as these mixes are very popular with all age groups!

Sizes of beads are from 4mm to 10mm, and include some metallised silver coated plastic beads, as well as all colours of different sizes and shapes in transparent stunning colours!

Includes all the colours that you can imagine go into mosaic projects, inspired by Middle Eastern cultures.

Use these beads to make suncatchers especially, because the transparent colours really shine in the sunlight (or bright indoor lights).  Make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, decoration, keyrings - anything you like!

A great mix for adults & kids alike!

Quantity of Beads:  Receive 30 grams per bag, which will give you roughly 250 beads.  This is a rough estimate, as all beads are different sizes, and they are packed by the scoop.