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Mobile Phone / Lanyard Charm Kits

$5.00 AUD


Mobile phone charms are so popular at the moment, your child or teen will love you for buying one of these kits for them!  This is an easy project to fill in some time on a rainy afternoon, or to take to nanna's place, do at home with a friend etc etc.

Kit includes all the beads and cord you need to make one (1) phone charm.

If you prefer, you can use this item as a lanyard to decorate a school backpack or your handbag.  Or maybe just attach it to your belt as an adornment!

Please note that the kits are all different as we pack them as they need restocking, so they may not appear as per the photos.

Ages:  6+ (may need help to do the knotting if not crafty)

Level of Difficulty:  Easy

Length:  up to 35cm