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Melons (25) - Mixed Colours - Java Glass Lampwork Beads - Try It Pack

$6.95 AUD


Java (Indonesia) Lampwork Handmade Glass Beads - Melon Shapes

Quantity per pack: 25 beads of available mixed colours, which will string up to about 20cm.

Bead Size:  10mm long x 9mm wide as a general measurements, however some are larger/smaller.  They are all different.  Even if the beads are from the same strand, as they are handmade.

Hole Size:   2mm (approximately)

This mixed pack of colours is a great TRY IT pack to admire the colours and then choose your favourites if you want to then go ahead and buy whole strands.  The photos show the selection of current colours.  More will be added once our next cargo arrives.

Being handmade, each bead is different to the next. They have quite a large threading hole so lend themselves to all sorts of craft and jewellery making projects being easy to thread onto cords or elastics.

The shape is traditionally called Melon.  Some even call that shape an onion bead.  Whatever you call it, you will be wanting to grab some in all the colours - they are spectacular! Use them in all styles of jewellery and craft projects, from hanging decorations to catch the light, to beautiful necklaces bracelets and ear rings.

Use them on any piece that you are wanting a bit of whimsy, boho, &/or natural look - the fun colours and rustic shapes of the glass beads will give you a great effect.  They can be spacers on your piece, or the main event.  Thread them onto some elastic for an interesting bracelet, or make a choker or necklace maybe using them as focal beads with some filler beads in between.  The list is endless and it's only up to your imagination! 

Javanese (Indonesian) glass lampwork beads are highly sought, but a bit difficult to find.

These beads are hand made by village artisans (mainly on the island of Java), using traditional methods passed on from generation to generation, and designs that reach back centuries when the beads were first made and traded by the Dutch East India Company.  The Dutch used the beads to trade with people of Indonesia for spices, tobacco and other goods.

Once you discover and fall in love with Javanese glass beads, you will recognize them from then on!