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Loom Weaving Kit - Junior/Starter Kit

$19.95 AUD


Weaving Loom Kit - Loom weaving is the 'new black' this year.  It's an especially great craft in that you can incorporate any yarn, cord or threads you have hanging around.  Even ribbons and ropes.  If you look on Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook, you will see lots of loomwork - google it and be amazed! 

Child's starter kit (although it would make a great starter loom for an adult - just get yourself some better wool!) Wood Knitting Looms, with Yarns, Warp Weft Adjusting Rods, Combs and Shuttles,.

Size: about 230mm long, 70mm wide, 30mm thick; 1set includes:

  • 1 loom
  • 1 adjusting rod
  • 1 comb
  • 1 shuttle (some call it a Heddle I think??)
  • 5 rolls yarn.  1 roll of white cord is for the warp, 4 colours for the weft.  You might do well to add a bit of other wool in with the kit if it's a gift.  The included yarns are a bit 'cute' but not enough to really amaze ...