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Kumihimo Kid's Kits

$30.00 AUD


Kumihimo is an ancient form of Japanese cord weaving.  Here is a kit to keep the kids (and adults! LOL) amused for hours.  Watch a child's confidence lift when they see that they can achieve a great result!

The kit shows how to make keyrings, and suggests ways to make other items, and once the technique is grasped, the sky is the limit!  Make necklaces, cords for bags or homewares projects, for weaving, hanging decorations - let the kids' imaginations think up lots of amazing ideas!

Recommended ages:  6yrs (with adult's help) up to adults - BOYS & GIRLS love it equally

Kit includes:

  • Kumihimo Disk
  • 20m Colourful Cord
  • 5 Keyrings
  • Large Holed Acrylic Beads
  • Instructions & Pattern Sheet

Warning:  This can become totally addictive, so be prepared to start gathering all your cords.  Make sure you use both arms to do the weaving, or you might end up with one sore arm and shoulder!  It's good to have a walk around and a bit of a stretch every now and then!

A little bit about of fun info about Kumihimo:-

Kumihimo is a traditional Japanese way of making braids and cords. The word means ‘gathered threads. Silk were the most commonly used threads on special looms called either Marudai, or Takadai.

The ancient braiding technique was traditionally used to decorate Samurai & horse armour and swords.

Modern Kumihimo is most often made using small portable disks, with notches around the outside, for use in the pattern making process. They come in either square (for flat braids) or round shapes.

Whether you want to make a lanyard rope or keyring, a dog leash or a decoration, Kumihimo is fun, interesting and is an easily portable craft.   It’s a great occupation for kids, especially aged between 8 years and 12 years. Whilst helping with coordination and mental acuity, it gives them such a feeling of achievement when they see their cord growing longer and longer.

Bead Shack has offered this activity to our customers for years, and it is always with awe that people realise they can make something beautiful with such a simple idea!

Once you start mixing colours and sequences, making patterns upon patterns, you will be hooked on this crazy craft just as much as any other craft.  You can use the technique for beading also!  You might be interested in making our Kumihimo w. Magatamas Bracelet or our Necklace & Bracelet Set.

Bead Shack’s best tip: Learn at the beginning to use both hands when making your cord movements – this will prevent RSI in your arms and shoulders. Especially important if you are the type of person to sit for hours and hours doing the one craft!

An addition to your Kumihimo disk, are No Tangle Bobbins. These are great for winding your threads on to keep them tangle free, and neat. The more lightweight your cord, the easier it is to create tangles, so you will appreciate how well these bobbins will work for your project! Wonderful for portability for your project, and especially wonderful if you are using small beads threaded onto your cords, to keep them together.