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Kids Bead Mix - Sparkly

$7.50 AUD $10.00 AUD

Having a party?  Or do you just want a mixed variety pack for the littlies?  Well this bag of mixed beads should make you really happy - easy shopping!

If you were to buy all the beads separately, the retail cost would be at least $10 per bag, so you are saving 25% buying this ready packaged mix.

Make some jewellery items, or use them to embellish your cards, pages, quilts, school projects etc.

These are the party mixes we use at Bead Shack for the kid's workshops, and the birthday parties.  the kids thread them on Memory Wire along with Chinese Seed Beads, which is very easy for them.  By using the memory wire it makes it achievable for all rather than it ending up like a 'test' where some may not be as dexterous as others.  Usually the group just want to have fun!  Otherwise another great choice is Elonga Beading Elastic or Fishing Line.

We have a downloadable tutorial for these - Use Memory Wire & Use Stretch Elastic & Use Fishing Line.

SPARKLY PACK (originally called girl's pack, but political correction here - now called sparkly) - has heaps and heaps of pretty beads - just the thing to keep a little miss occupied for hours! All you need is some fishing line or stretchy thread to keep them beading and beading ... there are approximately 200 - 400 beads in all shapes and sizes!  This pack includes such beads as - flowers, leaves, sparkly rounds, dice, diamond shape, lady beetles, dolphins, monkeys, owls and more.  There are more beads in this pack than in the boy's pack, because they are smaller.

Please note:  you may not receive beads exactly as in the photographs, according to stock on hand when packing the mixes.