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Junior Wrap Bracelet Kit - Pinks

$7.50 AUD


Your child will have loads of fun making these bracelets up!  Fabulous for a party favour in a lolly bag, or for an activity to do at a birthday party with the children!

These kits make a three loop bracelet in kid's size.  The kit comes with memory wire and beads. Beads are suitable for 3+ with a bit of

Beads may include bunnies, flowers, leaves, turtles and many more!  We use beads that are easy to thread, and there are plenty in each pack so that if they don't like/can't use one, there will still be sufficient.

Memory wire is great for little fingers as it is a solid wire and isn't flimsy when kiddies are trying to pop the beads on.

Beading is an excellent method of increasing fine motor skills in small children, disabled or even aged care seniors.

Basic instructions are included on the label - all you need to do is turn the end with the plier into a little circle to stop the beads from falling off, pop the beads on in pattern of choice, then turn the other end with the plier to close. 

Age:  3yrs (with help from adult), 5yrs+ should be okay alone - just need help turning the ends of the wire.

Level of Difficulty:  Easy

Colour:  Pinks (colours and beads will vary from kit to kit as our supplies may be different at times of packing more kits)

Size:  The memory wire is usually about 5cm in diameter.  The wire can stretch over larger wrists, and fit even up to teenagers!

Please note:  With this kit, you can even cut the 3 loops into single loops, if you want to make more than one bracelet! 

Tools Required:  You will need a small pair of old pliers to turn over the end to hold the beads on.