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Illusion 6lb Cord - Black - (0.25mm) - 50 metres

$7.20 AUD

We have run out of stock for this item.

Ideal for fashioning the "Illusion" and "Floating" designs, Bead Smith Illusion Cord bead stringing thread is extra soft and supple, with unbelievable strength and drapes nicely.

Also perfect for using with bead weaving techniques when you don't want to see the thread - take care not to use with abrasive beads like rough stones and sharp edged crystals though!

It's lightweight, extra soft and supple, so your jewellery designs drape nicely.  This cord is black so will blend in with dark coloured beads.  Use this nylon material for stringing plastic, wood and other non-abrasive beads.

This cord is best secured by knotting.

Quantity per reel:  50 metres (164')

Sizes:  0.25mm (.010")

Break Strength:  6lb