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Icicles Decoration Pattern (makes 3)

$5.00 AUD

Pattern gives comprehensive instructions in English, with sketches.  The materials stated will make 3 in the same colour scheme.  If you want to make different colour ways, use different colour beads but stick to the sizes stated to make it twist!

Materials Required to make 3 Icicles:  7 grams Size 6/0 Japanese Seed Beads, 4 grams Size 11/0 Japanese Seed Beads (c1), 11 grams Size 11/0 Japanese Seed Beads (c2) & 1m Metallic Thread for Hanging.

Tools Required:  1 x size 10 hard beading needle, Nymo size D (or similar) beading thread, thread conditioning wax (optional)

Level of Difficulty:  Intermediate