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Heart Beads - White/Mixed (100)

$5.00 AUD

This cute beads are fabulous put all together on a bracelet, or separated by other beads. Let your imagination go wild! The kids will love you for buying them for holidays as they are a perfect rainy-day project!

The beads actually have a tiny OK written in the centre of the pattern, on both sides of each bead.

Love heart beads are very popular at the moment - try threading them amongst little pearl beads or seed beads on your chokers, bracelets, hoop earring loops.  

Great for Valentine's day jewellery, for Mother's Day projects, anywhere that you want to use the word 'love' can be replaced with these petite little beads.

Measurements:  6mm long x 6mm wide x 2.5mm thick with a 1mm threading hole

Quantity per pack:  100