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Gunmetal Opaque (50) - Vintage Czech Glass Pony Beads

$7.50 AUD


Measurements:  9mm across with large hole

Quantity per pack:  50

Czech glass pony beads will be uniform in size, with a neat threading hole, unlike an Indian pony bead.  Czech glass is far superior to Indian glass (which are still beautiful colours, just a different quality).

'Pony 'beads are named thus going way back to 1800s, where trade beads were transported via pony pack trains.  They are an original style of glass bead that has never lost it's popularity!

The beads are new, never used, they have just been stored for many years!  These beads came to us as part of a huge warehouse clearance we did in 2007, and they were quite old before that!

They sometimes are called jug beads, and even crow beads, as well as pony beads.  'Crow' beads is more a Native American Indian term for these beads, whereas the term 'Jug' beads might come from people making crochet jug covers with these beads adorning the edges to act as weights.  This holds the crochet item in place and looks pretty as well.

These beads are great for thicker threads, for example, leather and cords. Also very popular for craft, especially for the crocheted jug covers.