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Gourd Pendant Set (1) - Red - Cinnabar Oriental Carved Bead

$8.00 AUD

" In China, the calabash, or "bottle-gourd" plant, has long been used as a food and medicine, and its hard shell as a bottle, a dipper and even an ancient musical instrument. Gourds have traditionally been used to carry medicine, wine and "magic".

It is used to improve health or for protection against illness as well as to promote good fortune and “healthy” energy all around. It is a very protective symbol, which can be used in many different areas of our life to guard us against any type of negative energy." excerpt from www.uniquefengshui.com

These pieces come as a 2 piece set.  Both have charming fish and Chinese writing symbols on them.

I'm imagining making a pendant necklace or room hanging decoration with a soft cord allowing the gourd to have free movement within the surrounding circle ... what will you make with yours?

This absolutely unique piece of cinnabar is a shape that not many people will have seen.  Make your next piece of jewellery with this pendant - it will be a real talking point!


  • Flat round bead frame - 59.5mm in diameter, 7mm thick, hole: 2.5mm;
  • Gourd - 40mm long, 24.5mm in diameter, hole: 3~4mm; 2pcs/set.

Threading holes:  The holes go through both the gourd and the frame, from top to bottom.

Today's cinnabar is most probably made from resin - sometimes still hand carved, and totally safe to wear.  Centuries ago, people became very ill from making/wearing cinnabar due to it's mercury content!