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G-S Hypo Cement Adhesive

$14.95 AUD


NOT AVAILABLE FOR INTERNATIONAL POSTAGE - Australian orders only for this item.

This is absolutely the best glue I've ever used for jewellery making.  When you need to get glue into a really tight space, or onto a tiny knot, this is your go-to!  Once you  have this glue in your possession for your jewellery making you will never want to run out of it again!  Yes, it's that amazing!

Tube Size: 1/3 fl. oz. (9ml)

The precision needle end is amazing.  You will find it:

  • Goes into really tight spaces
  • Controls the amount of glue you are squeezing out
  • Allows mess free application with NO WASTE
  • Won't bond to your fingers and is more easy to use than other glues because your fingers are well away from the tip.
  • Always packs away cleanly (please note - the lid has a needle that goes inside the fine nozzle tube when packing away.  This needle is pushed into the tube and then you keep pushing to close the glue.  There is no 'screwing' required with the cap.

Benefits & uses for this glue:

  • Dries clear
  • Stays slightly flexible which helps avoid cracking
  • Glue small diamantes/rhinestones into their settings easily with the needle applicator end
  • Secures the knots on your elastic cords (although if you use our Elonga elastic you would not need glue because it's fantastic!)
  • This is the jeweller's choice for using on silk cords when knotting pearls and crystals
  • Bonds tiny crystals and stones, keeps your wire wrapping in place, repairs small broken parts, glues cords into caps and clasps.
  • Should your fingers and hands be losing co-ordination (nice way of saying getting old LOL) or if you are a bit clumsy (like me) or have limited control with your hands,  you will find using a glue like this far easier to use, and far less frustrating.
  • This glue is great for household use also, especially in the craft room or for miniatures, hobbies, watch repairs, optic repairs etc. 
  • Tip:  If you store the glue back into it's red box it is much easier to find rather than a little white tube.