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Fruit Salad Beads (Mix of 40) - Hand Made Clay

$8.00 AUD


Now these are different to your normal beads!  Fun slices of hand made clay formed into delicious looking fruit pieces! Its a very clever process making shapes like these!

What fun beads to add for perfect accents or as the 'main event' on seed beaded chokers, earrings, bracelets, or any type of beading where you need a colourful and fun addition.

Measurements: 7~11mm x 8~12mm x 3~7mm thick with threading holes from about 1mm to 1.2mm.  All these measurements are approximate as they are handmade!

Quantity:   Each Strand as they come to us from the suppliers, is around 40 beads with a random mixture of styles.  We have taken them off their strand and bagged them up for your convenience, and to make it easier to pack them in our shop.  Each strand is about 36cm (14.5") with +/- 40 beads per strand

Styles:  Each strand comes with a mixture of styles, but not all strands will have exactly the same bead type quantities.  They come pre-strung from the supplier, so they could be all quite different.