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Flex-rite (49 Strand) .024" Tiger Tail (9.2m) - Rose Gold

$30.00 AUD

This listing is for a 9.2m (30ft) roll of .61mm (.024") with an almost 20kg (43.8lb) break strength!  You could hang your handbag from it!

This weight wire is perfect for stringing your heavier beads such as large glass or ceramic, gemstones and such.

49 Strand wire is the most durable, most supple and most flexible wire you can buy.  The expense is higher, but this is what to use when quality is your number one priority.  49 Strand resists kinks, and some say you can even knot it - please test this out first!  Everyone does knots differently, so you will want to be sure it will be secure.  If not, use crimp beads from our Rose Gold Findings section.

Colour:  Rose Gold

Country of Manufacture:  Japan

This wire comes on a reel with a plastic holder which snaps back in place to keep your wire from unraveling from the reel.

Flex-Rite uses state of the art micro-wire technology to produce a wire that is strong - soft and flexible.