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Flat Plaited 6x2mm Leather Cord

$6.00 AUD


Genuine professionally plaited flat leather cording,

6 strands of 1.5mm round leather leather, professionally plaited.  Leather size is about 6mm wide, by 2mm thick.

This sort of leather can be used for 'blokey' type jewellery - hang pendants on a necklace, or make cool bracelet or anklet bands from them.  This is really cool with a shark tooth on it - very popular with young boys!  Or of course, a cowboy look lariat is superb when made from this round braided leather!

Or what about mending some household items that need some trendy leather cord - decorate things with it or add it to some scrap booking or journal pages on borders or twisted into a swirl to add blokiness and texture to some of your paper craft.  Decorate or trim a handbag or saddle with it, adorn a cushion, pair of shoes or piece of clothing - I'm sure there are lots of ideas for these plaited leathers other than jewellery!

Length:  Choose from the drop down menu.  If you buy by the metre and want, say 8 metres, we will attempt to give you uncut lengths according to how it comes off the roll.