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Face Painted 20mm Raw Wood Beads (5)

$5.00 AUD


Raw wood beads measuring 19-20mm w. 4.5mm hole for threading.  Use these for pipe cleaners, macrame cords and ropes, as the generous sized hole is easy to use.  You might use them to make a little person or angel, or any of your crafting projects that requires a face!

These beads have a fine lined mouth, and little cute blush cheeks with round painted eyes. Of course you can add eyebrows, eyelashes or any other features you like - even draw on hair!  Use paint, texta/sharpy, stain, fabric or any medium that suits the project.

These beads can be quite hard to source, so here they are ready for your next crafty project!

Please note:  2 of the photos have been used from google images, source unknown.  I've popped them up to give a few ideas on how to use the face beads.

Quantity per pack:  5 beads