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Evil Eye Rattan Hoop - Natural & Handmade

$14.95 AUD


Postage Note:  Should you buy more than one item, the postage could be far too much.  You can either check with us first before placing your order, or trust us that we will refund you any overpaid postage at the time of sending.  Alternatively, your postage may be too low, and by purchasing from this listing you are also consenting to us sending you an invoice for underpaid postage amount.

You are buying 1 totally natural eye shape (including handmade crochet doily), handmade in a time honoured fashion in Indonesia by villagers (we love giving small villagers meaningful employment).  Even better, these hoops are totally recyclable as well as ethical to the environment!

Paint it, leave it natural, hand ropes, add macrame, make a wall hanging, a birthday gift for a friend, a new decoration for your bedroom, make unusual creations for something different on your market stall.  If you don't want the doily, just snip it away with sharp scissors.

Our evil eye style comes with a built in twisted circle rattan hoop with an inner hand crochet doily in the colours of the traditional evil eye.  The webbing and doily can be easily snipped away and removed if you have a different idea for the rattan piece.

Measurements:  Around 38cm - 40cm wide.