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Elephant Pendant (1) - Gold

$8.00 AUD

I sometimes rave on about a warehouse clearance I did years and years ago.  Well we are still uncovering little treasures bit by bit even after about 10 years!!  I think I'm totally in love with this elephant!

These pendants are 'hard gold plate' - that's what the supplier told me.  I think that meant they were the next best thing to proper gold, but couldn't be called gold filled because of a technicality.

Anyway, you will find them long lasting and very hard wearing.  They come on a dainty little bail, all ready to hang on a cord or chain.  Make quick gifts for friends & family by popping on a quick cord - or you might kumihimo weave a fancier cord or even a beaded rope to hang them on.

The elephant measures about 3cm x 2 - 2.5cm.  Just a nice size.