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Earring (Butterfly) Stud Backs (50) - Gold

$4.50 AUD

We have run out of stock for this item.


Little butterfly backs for the back of stud earrings. One size should fit all. If they are too tight to put on to the post, slide your fingernail between the 'wings' to spread the back open a little.

Quantity per pack:  50

Material:  Brass Based metal with a superior jewellery quality coating over the top

These ear ring stoppers are very old (but new) stock, from a warehouse clearance Bead Shack did years ago.  They are made from top quality jewellery materials, probably in Korea.  They are not like the new cheaper ones that are available now, often made of iron.  Most of our customers have been fine using them (as far as allergies go), although we can't tell you if they have a nickel component in the metal as they are such old stock.   They are definitely a better quality than what you can find the manufacturers turning out these days.