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Ear Wires (2) - Sterling Silver w. Ball Ending

$4.00 AUD
Sterling Silver

These ear wires have been handmade in Bali, Indonesia by a village artisan who was very surprised and excited by our order of products after Covid devastated so many small family businesses over the past years.

The process is done by cutting the wire to length, then they heat the end of the wire to attach to a tiny ball which has been pre-made.  Then the wire is bent into shape around something that is the size they require, eg a pen or a tool.

18mm on the back  that tucks behind your ear, 12mm at the front with a small ball around 1mm in size.

You can use these ear wires for multiple designs for your personal use.  Use headpins or jumprings to attach your charms or beads.  Slip them over the ear wire from the back end, then bring around to the front where there is a small loop.  You can prise the loop open slightly to accommodate you threading the charm on, then push it back gently into place.  This is a great economical way of using sterling silver ear hooks, without the expense of ear wires for every design you make.

22 gauge wire

Quantity per pack:  2 ear hooks (1 pair)