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Dream Catcher Kit

$15.00 AUD

Brand new colours - Bead Shack Dream Catcher Kits!  Designed and packed by Bead Shack, here in Australia.

Dream Catchers have been trending for a while, and the kids and teens just love making these as well as the adults! Don't forget the boys either, we have a lot of boys come into the shop wanting to make them.

These kits weigh between 35 and 40 grams, so what a perfect gift to post overseas, as the package is quite flat, so can be sent as a large letter for just a few dollars.  What a great idea for gift giving if you have to send presents!

And, of course, even if you don't have to post the presents, kids and teens alike will just love receiving these kits in with their Christmas presents, and it will give them something meaningful and crafty to keep them busy for a few hours over the holiday times.

These are a win/win situation - such a great kit!  We have included a photo of one of the actual kits.  The purple and red photo is just an example of one we have made here at the shop, but those colours aren't actually packed up in a kit.  It is for show only.

Our Dream Catcher Kits come with:

  • 11.5cm hoop/ring
  • Ribbon
  • Feathers
  • Cord for Web
  • Beads
  • Instructions w. sketches

Suitable for 8+ years, possibly with a little bit of help reading the instructions. 

Colours:  Choose from the drop down menu - the colours listed are written as the colour of Feathers / Ribbon / Beads