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Deer's Eye Seed Bead (2) - Ojo de venado

$10.00 AUD


These seeds are from liana vines around South America, and have a meaning similar to an 'evil eye' or 'mal de ojo' where the wearer has protection   They offer good luck, prosperity & protection to the wearer (can be either woman or man).

Measurements:  The seeds are round and are about 25x20mm in size, however they are all different as they are natural.

Quantity:  2

Make them shine!  Try rubbing with your favourite oil, or even rub it on your forehead or skin to absorb natural oils, and watch them take on a shine!

These seeds have many different names such: Deer’s eye, Ojo de Venado, Sea Beans, Drift Seeds, Brown Hamburger, Ox Eye seeds, Mucuna Vine seeds, Ojo de Buey

Click here for information about the liana vine that grown in the rainforests and produces these seeds.  There is a photo included from this website by W.P. Armstrong