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Cutter Set (Circle & Holes) - Polymer Clay

$14.95 AUD


Plastic Clay Cutters &/or Dotting Tools

Make your circles all the same size using these handy little cutters.  Or use them to texture and dot patterns across your surfacees.


You receive 1 storage box, holding 40 stainless steel cutters with plastic grips!!!  What a great set!  With spares it won't matter about cleaning when going from white to black etc as you have more than one of each size!  Simply keep them separate, and clean up at the end of your session.

The plastic handles make holding & using the cutters much easier, and I have to say - why not use the plastic handles as extra sizes!!?  This is a really versatile and useful set.

Sizes of Cutters (steel ends which are .3mm thick):

Red: 35x15.5mm, hole: 10mm and 14.5mm x 5pcs;

yellow: 29x13mm; hole: 8mm and 12mm x 5pcs;

black: 28x9mm; hole: 6mm and 8mm x 5pcs;

white: 20x6.5mm; hole: 3.5mm and 6mm x 5pcs;

green: 19.5x5mm; hole: 2mm and 4mm x 5pcs;

brown: 18x4mm; hole: 1.5mm and 3mm x 5pcs;

blue: 16x3.5mm; hole: 1.2mm and 2.9mm x 5pcs;

orange: 16x3mm; hole: 1mm and 2.6mm x 5pcs;

Storage Box: 12x8.7x2.4cm.