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Crimping Plier Tool

$16.95 AUD

Steel Jewellery Tools, made in China.  Handles are Royal Blue, and the metal is a gunmetal dark colour.

Size: about 130mm long, 65mm wide, 10.5mm thick.

A note on crimping pliers:   Please check whether your crimps are suitable for these pliers.  Many are convinced that these pliers are the perfect thing to use, but if you don't have good crimp beads, your wire can easily slip, or the crimp (if made from iron especially) can crack.

Use the back slot first, to crimp the bead (kind of makes it bend) and the front slot to form it into a ball.  It is preferable to have your wires parted inside the crimp bead before the first squeeze.

Bead Shack's crimps are based with brass metal, so are pliable and can be used with the Crimping Plier tool successfully.

Use these pliers also for easily adding your crimp covers without flattening or marking them!