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Cowrie Shell Bracelet (1) - Medium - Black

$5.00 AUD


Quantity per pack:  1

Size:  Child to Adult.  This size generally has 8-10 shells, and is about 12~15cm circumference in it's smallest size, before being made larger by the altering the sliding adjustable closure.

The shells are lovely white, petite sized cut cowrie shells, threaded onto thin wax cotton string which is hardy and long wearing.  The cord is tied in a way to leave the bracelet adjustable.  It is okay to go swimming in their items as the cord will dry and the shells will not be affected at all.

From just looking fresh and fantastic, to being symbols to tribes, from trading for goods to being used for currency, (even the Vikings used these shells!) Cowrie Shells have a long and interesting history.  Most wear them because they are fashionable, summery fun.  Others wear them to bring good luck, prosperity and to protect the spirit of the wearer.  I did not know this before, but now I understand why people feel very happy when they buy their cowrie shell jewellery!

If you want to make your own, you can buy our wax cotton cords and cut cowrie shells in bulk.  These cowrie shells are larger and darker in colour than the ones on the ready made items for sale in this listing.

Our pieces have been hand made to our specifications, in Bali, by a small family (giving projects that feed families is a Bead Shack passion).  You will find exclusive sizes made especially for toddlers and small children, up to adjustable necklace chokers for any size, as well as bracelets and anklets.  There's something for everyone here!

Browse our colours and sizes - you may want a matching set, or buy them as stocking fillers for Christmas, use as favours at birthday parties in their lolly bag, etc