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Coconut Mobile / Suncatcher Tops (10)

$20.25 AUD $27.00 AUD


Please read our coloured notes below, before placing your order.

These are amazing!  Not to mention so hard to find!  Having a great idea to make a hanger, and then having to source the part that is necessary for the top was always such a problem  That's why I had these especially made, in Indonesia, and using natural product like this from what would normally be a waste product, is a great thing!  Not to mention giving worthwhile jobs to village folk. 

Quantity per pack:  10 pieces

Size: 12cm across, by 3-4cm deep & about 2-3mm thick

As they are from natural coconuts, of course they are all going to be slightly different.  Should you want a specific size &/or colour &/or number of holes around the edges, please put this information in the comment section at checkout.

Threading Hole Size:  1.5mm

There is a threading hole in the centre.  Holes around the edges are about 10mm in from the edge and quantity of holes is according to the size of the coconut shell.  Most of them have about 10 or 11 holes, but this can vary.

If you want a shell hanger with odd or even numbers of holes around the edges, please ask for this in the comments section at checkout.  Odd or even can greatly impact your design, so this is an important part of your process.

The pieces are curved slightly (they come off a round coconut so they can't be flat!) and are very nicely finished.  The holes have been drilled with clean edges, but you should always check this in you are using a cord that may be fragile.

What can you do with a hanger piece like this?  Here are some ideas!

  • Make a hanger to entertain baby in the bassinet or cot, by hanging tiny crochet or fluffy or whatever small animals, toys, shapes, from the coconut top and pin into the ceiling.  The slightest breeze can make it move around and keep them fascinated for hours.  Maybe even pop a crystal reflective bead somewhere on there too!
  • Use your mismatched left over beads and make one like in our photo.  This hanger in our photo was made by my friend Jo and uses lots of Indian glass beads, which really look great on projects like this.  From the bottom she has hung natural shells that she collected herself from the beach, and in the centre don't you just love her wood fish?  This hanger can be inside the house, or outside on the porch.

Cord:  Think about whether you want your hanger indoors or outdoors, and choose an appropriate thread/cord that will withstand weather if outside.