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Clip On Ear Fitting (10) - Glue On Pad w. Prongs - Gold

$5.00 AUD


Materials:  Brass based metal with annealed coating

Quantity:  10 pieces per pack (5 pair)

These fittings have a small loop for attaching your headpins or charms.

The front of the fittings have a 15mm wide flat pad for gluing in your diamante or cabochon, or your hand made clay discs.  There are prongs around the side to bend over to hold in your diamante etc if you don't want to use glue.  You could probably remove the prongs if they are not needed, by snipping them off with sharp side cutters.

The back of the ear wire has a hinge to open it up wide.

These ear fittings are very old, from very old stock that we acquired in a warehouse clearance haul years ago.  They would be at least 30 years old, and have never lost their shine even in storage!