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Clay 3mm Beads - Light Green (1 Strand)

$5.50 AUD


Now these are different to your normal beads!  Slices of clay 3mm across and up to 1mm thick, they have a 1mm threading hole.

Sometimes these shapes are called Heishi Cut, although these are thinner than a typical Heishi bead.  They could also be called washers, discs, rondelles.

Use these as the main event with small areas of accents, or use them for fillers in between other beads - it's up to you!  One photo shows a popular style of earrings made with white, dark cyan & brown.  I think these beads can give quite a nice tribal look.  Or in the right shades, you could go for a beach look etc.

Colours:  choose from the drop down menu

Quantity per Strand:  44cm (17.7") with about 380-400 beads per strand