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Christmas Tree Kit - Silver - makes 6 Decorations or 3 pairs Earrings

$16.50 AUD

Gorgeous Christmas Tree decorations or earrings to make for the silly season!  Wear them to work, Christmas parties, out shopping or just around the home to be festive!  Your friends will all want a pair as well, so you might need a couple of kits.  They make a really fun present for work colleagues or school teachers.

Kit makes:  6 decorations, or 3 pairs of earrings, or a mixture of both

Tools Required:  Round nose plier, scissors

Level of Difficulty:  Easy

Ear Wire Style - we have popped in some kidney ear wires for you to use as they don't need any special tools.  Pop the loop of the decorated pin over the ear wire opening and it's done!

We've only made a limited quantity of these packs for this year, so grab yours fast!