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Christmas HOPE Angel Kit

$15.00 AUD


A great - Do It Yourself - fun craft activity for all ages & groups and a great gift idea.

Just wait until you hold them up and watch their little legs dance in the air! Kids & adults alike just immediately fall in love with these little dancing angels.

These little HOPE Angels were designed in 2020 when Covid was ravaging the world, and have been very popular. We decided to keep the name as it really suits these cute little cuties, which are made using all pearly creamy white beads with silver or gold accents. The pearl beads are acrylic, and the silver or gold accents are metal.

You will be surprised at how easy these little angels are to make! Decorate your cell phone, handbag or Christmas Tree, give as a 'guardian angel' to special friends or just random people you meet, tie them to gift tags on your presents - so many ideas for these happy little hand beaded angels! If you prefer to make them into earrings, just slip the angel onto an ear hook instead of the phone fitting. (Or you can buy our earrings kits.)

If you need a themed activity for your craft group or kid's end of school activity, Guides, church groups, or to do with your kids or grandkids on a weekend, this kit is for you! You can choose the BULK kit for these to make 50 angels which will save you 30%. These bulk packs are fabulous for stall sales at markets, hospital staff tables or to give as little token gifts to friends and work colleagues.

Quantity:  Choose from the drop down menu

Level of Difficulty:  Easy

Size:  Each Angel will measure 3 - 3.5cm in length, according to how long you make the legs. The string is not included in this sizing, as you can make the hanger as long as you wish.

Kit Includes:  All the beads, string & instructions (in English, with sketches)

Tools Required:  Chain Nose Pliers, Round Nose Pliers and Cutters *See note below

* Tools note: If you don't have special beading tools, that's okay. Just use the very smallest plier you can find in the house or garage. There might be a small 3-in-1 tool that you have that cuts and well as turns. The result won't be as nice, but if you just want a bit of fun this will save you having to buy special tools.