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Christian Salvation Bracelet Kits - makes 50 Children/Teens - Scripture Resources

$30.00 AUD


These bead packs consist of 50 of each colour bead & 15 metres of wax cotton cord.  The kit will make up 50 bracelets.  Instructions for making the bracelet will be included in the pack. 

Colour of cord:  PLEASE NOTE the colour of the cords may vary according to what stock is on hand at the time.   We will usually use a brown or black.  It may be round cord like the photo, or a flat cord -  both work equally well with the project.

Some denominations might not like all of these colours, and we are happy to make up a special pack with whichever colours you prefer. 

Here is a bit of information so you can see how the activity might be conducted:-

Be prepared for your class -

Cords - Have your cords prepared in ready cut lengths (see instructions in the pack

Beads - Children benefit from the tactile experience of sifting through a bowl of beads to find the colour they need.  You could put enough of each colour into a bowl for each table, or, if your children tend to be a bit disruptive on this kind of activity, you could have the beads pre-prepared in any way you think will work for the kids.

Activity - Speak about the colour of the bead they are threading, and what it is representing on the bracelet.  Do this for each colour. 

Finishing the Bracelet - There are two ways of finishing off the bracelet, according to the time and help you have at the group.  Instructions are included in the kit.

Bead Shack's knowledge is not to be taken as 'gospel' (pun intended) on this activity.  However most schools at some time, order these coloured beads for the scripture classes, especially towards the end of the last term.

Taken from Wikipedia:

  • Black to represent sin
  • Red to represent blood
  • Blue to represent baptism
  • White to represent cleansing
  • Green to represent growth
  • Yellow to represent Heaven

The beads are acrylic Pony Beads, which measure about 9mm across, 6mm wide with a threading hole around 3.5mm.