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Charlotte Crimps w. Loop (50) - Gold

$9.00 AUD

Use these charlotte crimps to finish off your designs neatly. Thread your wire/thread through the hinge of the crimp covers, and crimp or knot the end firmly and trim. Then close the crimp covers over to hide the flattened crimp or knot. These charlotte crimps have a side loop which is very neat and easy to use. Connect the charlotte crimp to your clasp via a jumpring or splitring.

These are very old stock, but still in perfect condition - goes to show what fabulous coating they have!  Probably made in Korea, who are well known for their fabulous quality.  The ancient brass are iron based new stock.  That's all I could manage to find in this colour.  

Hole Size:  Approx. .8mm

Quantity per pack:  50