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Candy Cane Bead (10) - Opaque Yellow w. Black, White & Red - Vintage Handmade Glass Wedding Cake Lampwork Beads

$18.00 AUD


These can be called wedding cake style beads, or candy cane style, or maybe they are actually both! The candy cane lines are a traditional style originally introduced in Venice.  The candy cane effect was made by twisting 2 colours together to make the glass cane.  Canes with 2 or more colours can be twisted to form these candy stripe effects.  The cane has been 'trailed' around the bead to meet in a circle, on either side of the bead, with a colourful blob (punt) in the centre of the circles.  Wedding cake style is a definition used to describe beads that are decorated like a traditional actual cake at a wedding.  There are quite a number of styles of this kind of decoration, and they are usually identified by the decoration being raised up from the base bead.

If you want to add a funky vibe to your jewellery making, these could be just the thing!  String them along with other boho-y style beads for a fabulous effect, or keep them as the main feature flanked by seed beads - so many possibilities.

Quantity per pack:  10

Measurements:  Around 10mm in size with a 0.5mm threading hole. Sizes of beads may vary slightly as they are handmade. 

Origin:  Made in India around 1980s.  These beads came to us through our rather infamous 'bead haul' when we emptied a retired bead dealers warehouse many years ago.  The beads are new, never been used, just stored for a long time.  All the beads are checked for quality before shipping.